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About our courses...

Stay tuned for our full course offerings. 

Until then, our premarital course is live!

As couples therapists, we know that therapy can be costly and time consuming, including:

  • Finding the "right" therapist.

  • The cost of sessions.

  • Taking time away from work or family activities.

  • Arranging childcare.


Online courses for couples?


That's why we created valuable and convenient courses to improve your relationship!

Staying Coupled
relationship booster course $149

Getting Coupled
premarital course $99

Couple with Laptop

Is an online
couples course
worth the investment?


Many couples wait too long or 
never try couples therapy.

  • As a result of waiting to access resources, couples often feel unhappy, uncertain, or even resentful in their marriage.

  • If they wait years or decades to address issues, they may spend years in therapy (at $200 per session).

  • Many couples head for divorce (at an average cost of $10,000 or more). 

  • These are the reasons Coupled is determined to bring cost-effective support and resources to the convenience of your home...

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