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Staying Coupled


Are you...

Sad on Couch
  • Tired of fighting about the same problems? 

  • Feeling disconnected from your partner?

  • Stuck in unhealthy patterns in your marriage?Feeling resentful towards your spouse?

  • Wondering if your marriage will make it? 


Do you want to....

Project Name

  • Learn better communication skills?

  • Feel heard or understood?

  • Restore your intimacy and connection?

  • Find solutions to your problems?

  • Feel secure in your marriage?

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Then this course is for you--for couples willing to do the work to communicate, connect, and have the healthiest relationship possible. 

Staying Coupled




Get unlimited access to the course for $149. This includes videos and a downloadable workbook. 


Take the course

Watch each topic video and engage in guided workbook exercises with your partner.


Improve your relationship

Practice your new skills and enhance your communication, intimacy, sex, and connection. 


The Staying Coupled course includes:

  • Instructional videos by Dr. Jenna and Dr. Nari

  • Interactive companion workbook

  • Skills-based exercises for relationship improvement

  • Focus on the main issues couples face:

    • Communication​

    • Family Boundaries

    • Family Finances

    • Sex

    • Family Planning

    • Division of Labor

    • Couple Activities 

  • Total course time is 5 hours ​

This course is coming soon!

Please check back with us later this summer. 

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